Totally Restored

It was August, 1969 and Local Chrysler just received another order for a 1970 model muscle car. The car, a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T was built in December of 1969 and the proud new owner picked up his “Baby” on January 11, 1970. The car was everything he had imagined it would be. To him, the Charger R/T was his dream car.  With the “coke bottle” body style, the plum crazy metallic paint with black Scat Pak stripe, and the white on black bucket seat interior – what a beauty! And better still than the appearance, was the Charger’s performance abilities. With Chrysler’s high performance version of the 440 mated directly to the high up-shift torque flight automatic, 3.55 gears and sure grip rear axle, made for an impressive 13.9 and 103.2 mph in the quarter mile. The $4800.00 price tag and the seemingly unending wait for the new car now seemed insignificant as the R/T was setting in his garage and the keys were in his pocket.


In its early days, the car was driven very selectively, waxed, polished and serviced on a very generous basis. The charger served as necessary transportation during the week, but weekends found the car proudly displaying its muscle on the boulevard and occasional dragway runs. As time went on, however, little things began happening. Door dings, rock chips, an occasional scratch. At first these things were hastily repaired, but after a while this diligent care began to fade. Six years, a wife and 2 kids later found the Charger again at the Dealership, but this time not as the center of anticipation, but rather as a mere trade in on a, you guessed it, a 318 powered Chrysler wagon.


The 23 days that the Charger spent at the dealership could have been better. Some hastily done maintenance, some quick fixes to the body and upholstery, many tire shredding test drives by thrill seekers, prior to being sold to a 20 year old college student. The remainder of the Charger’s serviceable life would subject the car to a barrage of young drivers, exposure to road salt and all types of weather, countless 6000 RPM revvs, several “parking lot” type fender benders, numerous engine and chassis modifications, and finally and most fatal, a crumpled left door and quarter occurring as a not so prudent driver buried the accelerator into the carpet on a rain slick street, powering the driver’s side into oncoming traffic. At this point, the once sleek, new a powerful R/T was “put to pasture” in a grove of trees by some guy who “bought it for parts”. There the Charger was to remain, shrouded unnoticeably by trees and tall grass.


Several years later, a passer by somehow spotted the old R/T and recognized it for what it really was and for the potential the car represented. He quickly negotiated a purchase price, obtained the title, and towed it to his own shop.  With great care, he completely disassembled the car and began a thorough and complete “ground up restoration”. As he worked, many of the cars secrets were revealed. Such things as previous body work, hidden repairs, and marrs on the undercarriage. It was now plainly evident where this car had been and what it had been through. Never the less, with work and sacrifice, the restorer transformed the car back to its previous dignity and the work was complete.


In a way, the life of this car could bear many similarities to the lives of many people today. Life often begins quite new, exciting and optimistic. But as we all know, life has a way of abusing us, taking its toll and leaving us to sit abandoned once our usefulness or popularity is gone. Many people feel like they are hidden in a grove of trees and tall grass and can’t find their way out. God, our Heavenly Father, knows where they’ve been and what they’ve been through. As with this old R/T, there truly is a restorer who takes great interest in them and their great value.


Perhaps you are an original – straight and true, no rust, no filler, but as with cars, it seems there are very few of those. Perhaps you’ve been “run into” so to speak and been hurt by the carelessness of others. Perhaps you’ve “rusted out” and have not kept in tune with God. Perhaps you’ve even been in a “head on collision” due to wreckless living. No matter what your situation, God, our Creator, the Great Restorer can once again give you a clean, new and optimistic life.


II Corinthians 5:17 says “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation, old things are passed away, behold, all things become new.”

Purple 1970 Charger RT.jpg

Purple 1970 Charger R/T

Purple Charger Resto.jpg

Purple Charger - Resto

Interior - White & Clean.jpg

Interior - White & Clean