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Olsonite Drivers



Dan Gurney


Dan Gurney

Dennis Hulme


Dan Gurney

Dennis Hulme


Dan Gurney

David "Swede" Savage


David "Swede" Savage

Bobby Unser

Jim Malloy


Bobby Unser

Jerry Grant


Bobby Unser

Jerry Grant

Wally Dallenbach Sr.


Bobby Unser

1970 Trans Am Circuit

1970 Trans Am Circuit.jpg

Olsonite AAR 'Cuda - Timeline

April 10, 1970

May 23, 1970

April 17, 1970 - Oct. 11, 1970

1971 - 72


1972 - 1975

Nov. 25, 1975


June 29, 2007

Nov. 3, 2007

Feb. 25, 2008

Feb. 28, 2008

Sept. 25, 2008

Feb. 8, 2009

Mar. 29, 2009

Oct. 20, 2009

October 2012

March 2014

  • Build Date, Chrysler Production Plant, Hamtramck Michigan.

  • Delivered new to Oscar L Olson via Ken Brown, Inc, Detroit Michigan.

  • Car titled under Corporate Name:  Swedish Crucible Steel Company.

  • Olson has “Gurney Eagle” and “Olsonite Eagle” Imagery added.

  • Fire Destroys Olsonite Corporate Headquarters in Detroit.

  • AAR Cuda was pulled from Company Garage with heat damage.

  • Damage limited to vinyl decals, plastic spoiler, plastic grill, roof paint.

  • Cuda is repaired. Black AAR Grill replace with Stock Silver Grill.

  • New Decals are applied to the car.  A white scripted “Olsonite Eagle” decal replaced the original rectangular decal.

  • SCCA TRANS-AM series is underway with Gurney and Savage competing in AAR Cudas. The 13-race series took place at Monterey, Ca - Lewisville, TX - Lime Rock, CN - Loudon, NH - Lexington, OH - Bridgehampton, NY - Brainerd, MN - Elkhart Lake, WI - St Jovite, Quebec - Watkins Glen, NY - Sonoma, CA - Riverside, CA and Kent, Washington.

  • Olsonite holds Sponsorship interests in the AAR Cuda Trans Am program.  Olsonite logos are present on the #42 and #48 Racers.

  • Following 1970, the AAR ‘Cuda served as transportation for two of Olson’s young sons.

  • AAR Cuda is purchased (likely by auction) for resale by R.E.A Auto Sales and is placed on the lot.

  • Owner #2 of Ypsilanti, MI purchased the ‘Cuda from R.E.A Auto at age 18 - it was his 1st car. Mileage at this time was 19,000. The Cuda served as hobby transportation and spent considerable time on the Milan Michigan Drag Way.

  • Owner #2 sells Cuda to a fellow drag racer with 30,100 miles on it.

  • Owner #3, also from Ypsilanti, MI, street raced the AAR Cuda heavily from 1975 to 1978.  The car was parked in 1978. He continued to store and own the Cuda for over 30 years, moving it with him from Michigan to North Carolina.  He partially disassembled the car in the early 90’s intending to restore it. A divorce situation lead to the car being placed for sale in 2007.

  • Eldon Meyers purchased the ‘Cuda sight unseen via an on-line ad and had the car shipped to Iowa.

  • Eldon Meyers flew to meet Owner #3 to pick up items that failed to be shipped with the car (side racing mirror and rear spoiler), to inquire about the build sheet, and to seek prior owner info.

  • Contact is made with Owner #2 in Ypsilanti, MI.  Meyers inquires further regarding the build sheet and the Cuda’s history.

  • Learned that Owner #1 was Swedish Crucible Steel Company of Detroit, Michigan. An internet search following the call revealed Swedish Crucible Steel and Olsonite are the same Company.

  • Contact was made with Olsonite and then the Olson Family. After 36 years, the Cuda is reidentified.

  • Dan Gurney autographs 6-PAK air cleaner

  • Bobby Unser autographs 6-PAK air cleaner

  • Jerry Grant autographs 6-PAK air cleaner

  • Wally Dallenbach Sr autographs 6-PAK air cleaner

  • Cuda is disassembled – restoration begins.

  • Full rotisserie restoration completed.

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